Terre Haute Indiana
Publicerad tor 12 april, 2018
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The day before yesterday we were in Terre Haute! This was where the bottle was created! To see how it all was done, we visited the Vigo County Historical Society & Museum. We were received by Susan Tingley! In an amazing house there were environments and objects from this time. Of course there was also a lot about the history of the bottle. Susan was a wonderful entrepreneur. She was building a brand around town. "The birthplace of the Coca-Cola bottle" Something that Surte should think through. Surte has almost the same opportunity!

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The city of Terre Haute markets itself with the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, which was created here in this town in 1915.
In those beautiful environments, we did interviews with Marylee Hagan, Executive Director and Susan Tingley, Development Director.

Susan then started searching in the old housing register over town and suddenly we had found a couple of houses where Alexander had lived. Out to the car and on with microphones and away to shoot som film. We also went to the library where Earl Dean and Clyde Edwards took inspiration for the bottle in a reference book.

Leaving Terre Haute felt boring. It was an exciting experience Susan gave us!

Now we are going to Chicago