Living at Preston Root's
Publicerad lör 14 april, 2018
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It feels almost unreal to get the opportunity to live at Preston Root’s home. His great grandfather owned The Root Glass Company, the glass mill where the bottle was created. It feels a bit like going around in a movie. Preston has a fantastic accommodation and in the Indiana Jones-inspired park at his home there are several houses. We are of course living in one’s own and there are so many things from Root Glass Company. I have been sitting looking through several old books from the glass mill. Here is also a lot of bottles from the time before the Cola bottle- time at Root Glas Company.

Yesterday we were at the family museum where one of the few bottles from the first serie is kept. The bottle that is the reason for this whole fantastic journey.  Alexander and his team made some bottles to send to the contest that Coca-cola announced. Coca-Cola were looking for a distinct bottle that was hard to copy and that you could recognize in the dark. It felt extremely cool to hold the bottle that otherwise was kept behind the armor glass.

At the museum there were also 2 trains that the family had to travel around the United States. Preston’s grandfather died young in a plane accident so for Preston’s father it was unthinkable to fly. To go by train in your own caravan, furnished as a holiday home on 2 floors, is not to despise!

Read more about Preston Root family museum here!

A whole movie day in the family museum and late food in town.

We are now on our way to Atlanta to visit Coca Cola’s headquarters where Coca Cola’s head of all Coca Cola’s history, Ted Ryan’s welcomes us. The excitement keeps on !!