Intervju at South Street Seaport Museum, New York
Publicerad ons 18 april, 2018
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Now we are in New York. Alexander and his brother Otto came to New York and had to go through the emigrant control at Castle Garden. To find out more about what New York looked like in the late 19th century, we visited the South Street Seaport Museum. Here we met William Wroka.

William tells of a New York that was very different from what it looks like today. A port full of emigrant ships, ferries, yachts and sailboats. The city had just begun to shoot in height so it must have been an incredible view that met the two young brothers when they sailed into the port of New York! Something that was radically different to little Surte, that they left behind.

A teapot from SS Alaska. The Atlantic Steamer that took Alexander over the Atlantic.


Me together with historian William Wroka.

To get a better picture of New York at this time, take a look at the amazing movie A Trip Through New York City from 1911.

Even though the movie is 23 years after Alexander came, you still get a picture of how it must have been!

Now, both brothers will head west to Chicago. Our journey is also going west but towards California. Here are new interviews waiting!