Interview with Brian G Andersson
Publicerad sön 22 april, 2018
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Great interview today with Brian G Andersson! He has been the Commissioner NYC Deparment of records! But not only that, he has as the name reveals, Swedish roots! Brian took us on several exciting stories about New York at the time when Alexander Samuelson came here to New York 1883. How awesome !! New York must have been something that few emigrants were prepared for. A city that consisted of people from all corners of the world. There must have been many Seeds who have never seen an Indian or African. The conversation on the street must have consisted of all possible languages ​​in a wonderful mix. One passed the Castle Garden in Manhattan at the time when Alexander traveled 1883. Ellis Island was only started in 1891.
Mikael Wahlbäck behind the camera.
Shooting in Battery park.

The Statue of Liberty was not built when Alexander sailed into the port on May 6, 1883. It was finished only a few years later. The emigrant control at Castle Garden was a matter of sending emigrants to their final destinations. It was a great risk that you were fooled by some smooth New Yorker that tricked you off your money. Many including Alexander had their final destination enrolled in the Ticket. For Alexander, it was Chicago. But he ended up in Streator located on the way there!

Now we are in San Jose California and will interview Jeff Dean, the designer in Alexanders team, here tomorrow!