A visit at the Swedish-American museum!
Publicerad fre 13 april, 2018
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In Chicago we visited the Swedish American Museum where we met Karin Moen Abercrombie. We interviewed Karin who told us what Chicago looked like when Alexander came to the United States. He never came to Chicago even though Chicago was in his emigrant ticket. But Karin's stories made us understand how the Swedes lived in the United States at that time. Andersonville in Chicago was at that time the Swedish part and Karin tells me that there were more Swedes living in Chicago than Swedes lived in Gothenburg with is the second largest city in Sweden! Incredible!

We also had a walk in the museum that had an exhibition about emigration. A fantastic museum that we Swedes should be proud of. Good advertising for Sweden!

Read more about the museum here!

Andersonville was a cozy part of Chicago that I recommend to visit if one is in the area! Low house that gave sense of history and very fresh and good order and that is where the museum is which is a must visit!

Our trip continues to Daytona Beach where Mr Preston Root takes care of us!