Newark, Ohio
Publicerad ons 11 april, 2018
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After a nice movie day in Stretor, Illinois, we drove to Newark, Ohio! It's about 700 kilometers to go and I'm glad we do not have to go by horse and wagon. Steam train would work though!Our hired car was really nice to drive and we had a booked meeting with Pastor William Rauch. William or Bill, as he is called, is in great knowledgeable about Alexander and his life.

Bill's interest in Alexander began in 2000 when Per Göran Kihl from Surte, together with Vivan Almqvist began researching Alexander. Something that later resulted in a report in the Gothenburg newspaper. Alexander belonged to Pastor Bill's parish, and the pastor has therefore been able to dig in the old archives and email me the results. It felt very nice to meet him and get the story on film.

In Newark, we visited Alexanders grave and even his house that still stands. The house or farm was at Alexanders time alone among meadows and fields, but today it is in the middle of a residential area. Time has its tooth! When the Alexander died his son William took over the farm. It is said that Alexander longed after the farm life because of his growth. You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can not take the farm out of the boy "was an explanation of why he bought the farm. For me, who researched Alexanders life during 4 years, it felt unbelievable to come to his grave! It also snowed, which gave the scenery a further dimension!

Our journey continues from New Ark to Terre Haute! Exciting !!!