On the way across the North Sea

It is strange to turn off the first stretch of Alexandrian’s journey in 2 hours when it took him 2 whole days with the steamship Orlando from Gothenburg.

Plus hooked up on wifi on board! It’s not without wondering what Alexander and his brother would say if they could see 134 years in the future!

Preston Root

Through Ted Ryan at Coca-Cola Company in the United States, I got in touch with Preston Root, grandson of Chapman J Root who founded and owned the glass mill in Terre Haute, Indiana where the mythical Cola bottle was created in 1915. Today, I got the surprise of the year when I went To the post office to pick up a package that I did not know what it was. It turned out that Preston Root, sent a jubilee bottle among other things! Talk about surprise! It will be fun to interview him on June 10th!

Visit of a possible recording site / location

Today one of the houses in Solberg was visited as a possible location for the upcoming scenes in the film. A house that was very exciting. The house has been empty for almost 50 years. The one who lived the furthest in the house was the farm-worker who lived there until 1964 long after the couple who owned the house died.

It felt strange that paintings and the like were still hanging. Especially the picture of the woman who lived in the house impressed me. She felt timeless while she was a typical 19th century woman. Of course she had gone away for a long time, but her face was still hanging on the wall and told me about the time gone by! Beautiful as a day. Very odd!



The man who lived longest in the house was a farm-worker. On the wall hung his calendar and shows where his life ended.

The calendar shows December 14, 1969. It is probably the last day when someone lived in the house!

Interview with Anette Tuores

Solberg Mill is one of the remaining places that are affiliated with Alexander. Anette Tuores, a very talented and competent genealogist, helped to clarify the concepts during an interview yesterday.

Very exciting to travel back among archive materials and old papers! Dan Kristensson handled the filming!