Interview with Vivan Almqvist

Today I went to Vejbystrand to interview Vivan Almqvist. Vivan’s grandmother, Amanda was sister to Alexander. Vivan was very knowledgeable and had a big knowledge about her family history and about Alexander. Very fun to take part in her knowledge of past time!


Interview with professor Ulf Beijbom

Today I have interviewed Ulf Beijbom who is extremely competent in the field of emigration. It was over an hour with much excitement! Here’s how wikipedia writes about Ulf. Ulf Beijbom came to Växjö in January 1966 to build the Swedish Emigrant Institute, which he then headed for retirement in 2002.

In 1973-75 he was deputy professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. He received a professor’s name in 1988. [1] He is a member of Småland Academy. He has also written a lot of books on the subject! He gives Alexander’s story further sharpness, very valuable !!